Tara Wood Plans to Cut Ties With the Weinstein Co. After Sexual Assault Allegations against Harvey Weinstein

Tara Wood seems to be in trouble these days, as things are not going well between her and Harvey Weinstein. Recently she has asked her company to cut ties with the troubled group due to the allegations of sexual assault against the group’s co-founder Harvey Weinstein.

Tara Wood has been making a documentary titled 21 years. She also made a statement about Quentin Tarantino saying that she would like her project to part ways with the distribution company, The Weinstein Co.

Richard Linklater also made a statement about the allegations made by Tara Wood. He supported her regarding the sexual assault firestorm surrounding Weinstein Co. co-founder Harvey Weinstein, and that’s why he got thrown out of the company.

There were a lot of stories in The New York Times and The New Yorker that discussed the gravity of allegations of sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment against Weinstein. The sexual assault claim became stronger when dozens of other women stepped forward and bolstered the allegations against him.

The Weinstein Co. had worldwide distribution rights to 21 Years. If we look into the career of Quentin Tarantino, they were a lot of ups and down that involved a lot of big stars of Hollywood.

Many times, the name of big stars popped up like Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz. It seems that company was aiming for an early 2018 debut. But now things seem to be entirely in jeopardy.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein have a long story with Quentin Tarantino. They have worked with him for 25 years on many projects like Reservoir Dogs and many others.

Tara Wood is just the latest one in many who demanded such an action against the company. Company thought that termination of Weinstein would ease the matter. But things aren’t going to close this soon. Insiders say that TWC is actually in a perilous position now.