Are you ready for Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers?

Legends of Tomorrow is all set to fascinate the audience, but most fans are unable to contain their curiosity. “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4” in the Legends of Tomorrow begins with the team fighting with Nazis and Stein, the protagonist is seen getting surrounded immediately in an attempt to save himself.

He is unable to get any closer to the scene, so he decides to crawl towards the power switch. He climbs and flips the switch, but as soon as he does it, he is shot again.

Spoiler 1:

A different story is going on in parallel.  Barry throws a lightning bolt and manages to combine it withRay’s powers to fry Tornado before he attacks the bunker.

Back inside the park, Jax and Stein merge back into Firestorm, then Barry andRay come and help them to defend the Earth.

Spoiler 2:

This happens on scene two of slider five. Thawne’s foot gets stuck duringthe start of the procedure back up and his tool is also spoiled by a miniature man. The small man grows to the normal size and knocks out Thawne. Stein then comes there to help him and frees those who were trapped in the pipeline. Amaya and Zari take care of the remaining Nazi guards. Then, Thawne walks and tells Dark Arrow that Earth-1 is not safe anymore.

Spoiler 3:

This is the third spoiler. Here Team Arrow and Legends are stopped by Metallo. However, Kara, Felicity and Ray are approached by Dark Arrow, who is later distracted by Oliver as he tries to threaten the hostage with a knife.

The Legends and team Arrow come together to face the enemy and beat Metallo while Thawne takes care of Dark Arrow.

This will be a power packed performance of all the great actors, so make sure that you do not miss it.