French Model Ines Rau Will Be Seen as Playboy’s First Transgender Playmate in History

Readers would love to see as well as enjoy reading the November/ December 2017 issue of Playboy because there is something really very interesting this time for sure.

This is for the very first time that people would get to see the cover page without a woman. In fact, it is a tribute to Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy. On the other hand, for the very first time, Playboy is introducing transgender Playmate for readers in its 64 years of history.

The French model Ines Rau posing for the front page with a white bra, matching lace panties with white socks and sneakers in front of a bright red background will definitely catch millions of eyes. It was photographed by Derek Kettela.

The 26-year old model said,

“While shooting for the magazine she was thinking of her past hard days. Yes, about her childhood which didn’t went as smoothly as it should have been. And now while posing for such a famous brand she thinks herself to be blessed.”

She added that it was just similar to getting a giant bouquet of roses.

This is not the first time that the teen model is working under a renowned brand. Earlier to this, she has appeared in Vogue Italia and also starred in a Balmain campaign. And now with Playboy, she has added another feather to her cap.

In May 2014 issue, she was photographed nude for the title “Evolution” by photographer Ryan McGinley.

The model said, “Posing for Playboy is a turning point of her life because of which she came out of her past. She added, for her it took a long time to accept that she is a transgender. In fast she has dated a lot of guys but was scared of her gender and sexuality. Many rejected her but end of the day being loved doesn’t matter, it’s all about loving yourself.”