Car 3 Movie Review: You Would Love to Take Part in This Exciting Car Race

Kids will be kids. As summer vacation is going on, a whole new concept has come up in the form of talking cars in the movie Car 3 to add more fun to their enjoyment. To an adult, it makes no sense that cars are talking, racing and even having babies, but it is really beyond imagination for the kids and they will fall in love with this movie for sure.

Car 3 is making a huge buzz in the world of cinema. Why not? Owen Wilson has returned after 6 years with Lightning McQueen voice. Now let’s see if Car 3 can make any difference to hold the franchise or it will be just an effortless effort.

Car 3 is all about racing where Lightning McQueen is the current champion of Piston Derby and everything seems to be fine in his life. As usual, he races with his friends and colleagues. But suddenly a twist comes in his racing track in the form of Jackson Storm who is a sleeker and arrogant car and defeats him

Suddenly it seems like the days were gone when Lightning McQueen used to rule the racing track as he was replaced with younger cars. Soon McQueen went into depression thinking his career is over and injures himself in a race too.

Finally, McQueen decides to train himself with modern techniques and collaborate with Cruz Ramirez, who is an over-enthusiastic trainer and a master in racing. To know about the final race and winner, you have to watch the movie at your nearest theatre.

Though the first two versions of Car were not that successful, Car 3 ends on a high note as per the critics. In the latest movie, there are several heart-warming moments that no one should miss.